Hello and welcome to my website, it has all the information needed to choose a treatment for any occasion. Uniquely, I am happy to work with British Sign Language users with either voice, Sign or through clients' own communicator.

The positive benefits of a complementary and/or holistic treatment are many and include:

•stimulation and invigoration of body and mind functions
•enhancing emotional and physical wellbeing and release
•helping the healing process, recovery and reduction of discomfort
•may assist in reducing symptoms of illness or disorder
•improving lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems
•improving muscular, connective tissue, bone and joint movements
•balancing the body and mind on all levels - homeostasis
•removing wastes and toxins from body tissues where they don't belong
•reducing stress, tension and anxiety
•may reduce negative side effects of some medication
•improves muscle and skin tone
As well as feeling good and being relaxing, complementary therapies can be beneficial for conditions such as:

•anxiety, stress and tension
•PMS and similar
•respiratory conditions such as asthma
•musculoskeletal disorders
•cardiovascular problems
•back pain
•depression and poor mental health
•convalescence from illness or injury
•migraine and headaches
•some conditions that cause pain and discomfort
•some medications' side effects
•injury, including sport and activity injuries
•sleep disorders

...and so on. If any of these can be related to, or if you simply want to enjoy a pamper treat, then a session may be just what you need! 

Many thanks to the clients who allowed some of their sessions and treatments to be photographed within their own homes; and to the photographer for kind permission to use their copyrighted pictures throughout this website.